Today’s Adventure Is…Jardin Urbano.

I have a problem and Spain is not helping. I am obsessed with coffee and trying out new cafés. Since most of my job is online now, I like to find new environments to do my work to keep things interesting. Therefore, it is no surprise that I found another café that I love and […]

Today’s Adventure Is…Black Chili.

“…I want Mexican.” Those were the words that left Mr. C’s mouth after we got out of church. So, naturally, we decided to check out a Mexican place that had just opened up a few blocks away from us called Black Chili.

Today’s Adventure Is…Paella. 

Mr. C and I were invited to spend lunch with a couple of people from the church we are attending. More importantly, paella was being served. We have wanted to try real paella since we have arrived in Spain; however, we hadn’t ordered it because we were told so many cautionary tales about sketchy paella […]

Today’s Adventure is…Horchata and Fartóns.

If you know anything about me, you know I love breads and cheese. Therefore, I am fitting in perfectly when it comes to these European cafés! You walk down any street in Valencia and you are guaranteed to find a café, bakery and a fruit and veggie cart. I have been trying to be semi-adventurous with […]