Today’s Adventure Is…Fallas! (Part 1)

A couple weeks ago, an incredible event happened in Valencia, Spain called Fallas. Honestly, I could write an entire book about this event, but nothing I could say could measure up to what it would be like if you were actually here experiencing it for yourself. Nevertheless, I will attempt to explain to you the […]

Today’s Adventure Is…Our First Package!

It was eight o’clock in the evening when our doorbell buzzer went off. Neither of us were expecting anyone, which made us a little confused as to who would even want to come over at that time of day. After calling down to the street, we found out that we were about to receive our […]

Today’s Adventure Is…Extreme Second Hand Shopping.

I have been trying to say yes to more adventures. I mean, that is how I got to Spain. (Read more here) To most of you, saying yes would mean actual nature adventures like hiking or biking or something. Not to me. First off, I kind of hate nature.