Today’s Adventure Is…Renfe AVE.

Before we came to Europe, so many people told us how easy and inexpensive it is to travel around. One of the main forms of transportation across the country (besides flying) is taking the Renfe, the high-speed train.

Today’s Adventure Is…Conversation Exchange.

When you don’t think about it, language seems like such a small thing. I mean, we don’t even realize it is difficult until we try to communicate with someone in another language. This very small aspect of our lives can be a huge separation.

Today’s Adventure Is…Macadorá.

Valencia celebrated a few holidays this weekend and as a new Valencian chica, I joined right in with the fun! (If you did not see the last post, click here to read about how I started my weekend Thursday night.)

Today’s Adventure Is…Tapas, Fireworks and Holidays.

Valencia has way too many holidays to keep track of all of them. It feels like you could celebrate something everyday if you wanted to. Despite the chaos of holidays, this weekend is a pretty large Valencian holiday. So, we started this holiday weekend off correctly with tapas, fireworks and friends.

Today’s Adventure Is…Jardin Urbano.

I have a problem and Spain is not helping. I am obsessed with coffee and trying out new cafés. Since most of my job is online now, I like to find new environments to do my work to keep things interesting. Therefore, it is no surprise that I found another café that I love and […]

Today’s Adventure Is…El Rastro.

On Sunday, I checked out another street market across town by myself. Mr. C didn’t go with me because he is not exactly a morning person. So, he just wanted to sleep in and meet me at church later that day, which was fine by me. I like adventuring by myself sometimes!

Today’s Adventure Is…Black Chili.

“…I want Mexican.” Those were the words that left Mr. C’s mouth after we got out of church. So, naturally, we decided to check out a Mexican place that had just opened up a few blocks away from us called Black Chili.