Today’s Adventure Is…Reyes Magos!

One thing I love about Spain is that the holidays don’t end on December 25th! Reyes Magos here we come!

In Spain, the tradition is that the three wise men come to town at night on January 5th to deliver all of the children presents. When the children wake up on January 6th, their houses are filled with presents from the wise men that had visited while they were sleeping. Before any of this can happen, children prepare for the coming of the wise men by sending a letter listing the presents they want and even leaving sweets out for the wise men to eat.

Aka, it’s basically a Christian version of Santa Claus and honestly, it makes more sense. I find it easier to believe that the wise men that gave little baby Jesus presents would bring me presents before a fat man in a red suit coming down my chimney (that I have never had) would.

Because I am a child, I convinced Mr. C to take a trip down to the city center on January 5th to see the parade and it was actually really fun! There were TONS of kids screaming “Aqui! Aqui!” to try to get the parade people to throw candy their way. Some other parade watchers had better ideas. Some just stood on their balconies and caught candy with hats or plastic bags; others had fastened umbrellas to their banisters to catch as much candy possible. Honestly, there was plenty of candy to go around. Mr. C and I kept getting pelted in the face with candy, but we let most of the pieces fall to the ground because there was a group of kids grabbing as many pieces as they could with their tiny fingers.FullSizeRender-4FullSizeRender.jpgFullSizeRender-9FullSizeRender-10.jpgFullSizeRender-5FullSizeRender-7

We had a great time at the parade celebrating with all the locals! If ever you are in Spain on January 5th, be sure to check out the celebrations!

Adventure Lesson Learned: Embrace your inner child. 

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