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Today’s Positive Post is written by: Johanny Placencia.

I used to be a ‘Negative Nancy’. I thought it was better to think negatively than positively. I believed that if I expected a bad outcome when the good result happened, I would be pleasantly surprised. As opposed to the opposite, which would have me feeling disappointed. I had learned that to be happy, I needed to have low expectations.

Of course, I was young, inexperienced and didn’t quite understand how my thoughts could drive my actions. During my 20’s, my thirst for knowledge pushed me to read numerous self-help books that range from parenthood, dating, psychology and finances. I wanted to know so much about the world as well as myself. I had just had my baby, and I wanted to be the best mom I could.

All of these books had something in common. At one point or another, they focused on the thought process of a person: the internal motivation that drives a person to save money, raise a child, and to have healthy relationships. This subject was too interesting to me, I could not look away, I had to dig deeper.

I found out just how powerful the mind and positive thinking is to an individual. A negative thought can bring fear, worry, and stress to a person while a positive thought can bring contentment, joy, happiness and give one the ability to see numerous possibilities in life.

When I found myself a single mom, shortly after giving birth to my son, my negative thinking went into overdrive. I was scared, confused, sad, depressed and angry amongst other things. I had so many negative emotions clouding my mind that I felt like I was Charlie Brown with the rain cloud constantly following me. Nothing will get better I thought; everything will just get worst. However, I knew something was wrong, and based on my reading, something needed to change.

I reached out to family and friends and gave positive thinking a try. My stepmom encouraged me to repeat ‘I’m ok’ mantra every single morning, and I made a choice to focus on the positive in each situation. In time, I started to believe that I was ok and stopped harboring negative emotions that caused me to cry or overreact.

I chose to see setbacks as opportunities and lessons. I refused to look too far ahead and focused on what’s in front of me at the moment. I would tackle one problem at a time without overwhelming myself. Every morning I repeated my mantra and counted my blessings. At night, I made it a point to be silly and laugh with my son. Humor and positive thinking became my medicine.

As time passed, my positive choices turned into unconscious habits, and I became stuck on automatic pilot. Now, I envision positive outcomes and attract positive people into my life. I am thankful for everything I have, but most importantly I make it a point to laugh a lot.


Johanny is a single mom of a thoughtful and hilarious 13-year-old preteen. She is a part-time blogger, part-time student, full-time mommy and full-time inventory specialist. Johanny resides in El Paso, Texas and chooses to focus on the positive of living in a desert town. She enjoys hiking, reading, writing and shopping and is actively seeking her Prince Charming.


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