Today’s Adventure Is…More Americans.

More Americans in Spain?! The madness!

I apologize for being m.i.a. for a while, but I have a great excuse. This past week, Mr. C and I had our first visitors and they were American! Our friends Sean and Ainsley came all the way from the Midwest to Valencia, Spain to visit us. (and everyone all together, “aww!”)

We spent most of the week just showing them bits and pieces of Spanish culture. We talked, ate, laughed, ate, walked, ate, played games, ate. Did I mention we ate? Hey, it’s the Spanish way of life! They have five meals a day and they wanted complete culture immersion!

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Anyway, it was really nice to show someone “our home.” So much of my time here in Spain has been someone showing me where everything is or how to do things. This time, it was my turn. I was able to take them to the markets I love and all the cafés I spend way too much time in and where my favorite tostadas are.

Honestly, it was a little eye opening for me. I had not realized how well I was doing here and how much I have learned. I now know when and where markets are. I now know where great cafés are and can even order and answer questions confidently in Spanish. (Don’t worry. My favorite phrase is still ‘Yo no hablo español.’ I just don’t need to use it as often.) The point is, I couldn’t do all of that when I first got here.

Showing them around allowed me to see how much I have grown accustom to this new place. Obviously, I loved seeing some old faces this past week, but I also loved that I was able to see myself how much I have learned by being here in Valencia.

Adventure Lesson Learned: Sometimes, the only way to see that you learned something is to teach it yourself.

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