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Today’s Positive Post is written by: Kayla Sipple

I’ve been stuck in a bit of a rut lately. This year, I graduated college from a university I love, moved across the country to a thriving city and started an amazing job in my field of study. I’ve had an exciting year.

All of the sudden, one day, I noticed something wasn’t right. But I just couldn’t place my finger on it. For months, I felt stagnant, complacent and confused. I felt guilty for even having those feelings. Everything in my life was going according to plan – why was I feeling this way?

“Am I happy?”

I wrestled with this question for weeks. An often-elusive state of being, happiness is an integral part of the human experience. I decided I was stuck in this weird state of limbo, an emotional roller coaster of just existing — not happy, not sad. Numb.

So, how did I wrestle my way out of the grey area?

Stop comparing yourself to others.

This bit of advice played the most influential role in my road back to emotional stability. As a millennial, it’s so easy to get caught up in the comparison game. Am I smart enough? Am I thin enough? Is my job up-to-par with the jobs my friends have? Will my friends look down on me if they find out I make less money than they do? My mind was flooded with these questions. Constantly. Once I decided to stop comparing myself to my peers, a weight was lifted off my shoulders.

Determine your priorities.

This might be easier said than done, but it’s worth some thought. I want to travel. I want to live in the moment. I don’t want to stress out over how much I can bank in my 401k every month. I decided that this year, I’m not going to fret over my retirement account and am going to live life on my own terms. I’m young and I have relatively few responsibilities — this could be one of my last opportunities to get on that last minute flight to Mexico or have an impromptu girls weekend in Chicago. And it’s okay if not everyone thinks it’s responsible or sensible. It’s okay if your priorities are different from those of your peers.

Have someone in your corner.

Whether it be a friend, a family member or significant other, having some sort of support system when you’re going through a rough time is huge.

Cut ties with negativity.

Arguably the most difficult piece of advice I wrestled with, but an essential piece of the puzzle. Eliminating the negative influences in your life is truly an essential part of seeking happiness. Now, I’m not advocating burning bridges. But, quietly disconnecting with individuals that added stress to my life helped me gain a new perspective on the life I wanted to lead.

Find a passion.

And jump into it. Before blogging, I’m not sure I really had a true hobby. I always loved reading other people’s blogs, and so I thought, why don’t I make my own? For a while, I posted mediocre content on an occasional schedule. Then one day, I decided I wanted to take my blogging more seriously. I reached out to local photographers, started posting on a more regular schedule and bought a DSLR. The only thing I regret about my decision is not jumping in “full speed ahead” sooner. So, test the waters. Explore your interests. Find something you’re passionate about.

I believe that being happy is conscious choice. Choose to be happy.


Kayla is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin – Madison where she studied political science and legal studies. Currently, she lives in Washington, D.C. where she works in law. Kayla writes at Keynotes from Kay, a curated life + style blog on the thoughts and musings of a twenty-something’s journey through young adulthood.

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21 thoughts on “Positive Posts: Kayla Sipple.

  1. Half of the battle is stopping before the “but”. I resolved this for myself this year but maybe you can use it to. Instead of, “I’m good, but…………{blah blah blah}”. Try saying “I’m good, I just finished … and am really excited about…” Just cut out all the buts and it will really help!

    Sara Kate Styling

  2. This is all such amazing advice. I need to print it out and keep it in front of me as a reminder. I need positive reminders in my life… seriously!

  3. Amazing post! This is the first of this series I have read and really enjoyed it. It’s nice to see how other people handle trying to stay positive, it could be quite challenging and I’ve found myself in the same situation as Kayla this year. Post grad life is pretty tricky.

  4. This is a truly inspirational post. For me, having a hobby like blogging that I can work toward is really fulfilling. It definitely helps to keep learning new skills, and experiences too!

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