Today’s Adventure Is…5 Lessons to Learn from a Dog.

Meet Josie. This past week, I spent a few of my hours taking care of this adorable black lab and these are the 5 life-lessons I learned from her.


1. Everything can be exciting, even the small things.

Whether it was a stick or a bird flying out of a tree, everything was exciting to Josie. The smallest things happening around her overjoyed her. Half the time, I feel like I don’t even notice the small things around me, let alone enjoy them. However, Josie forced me to notice them and smile at the nature around me.

2. Being humble is a virtue.

Nothing is more humbling than picking up someone else’s poop. Nothing. Period.

3. Routines are necessities.

Even though Josie did not own a watch, she still knew when it was noon. She knows that when it is noon, she gets her lunch and a walk outside. This routine taught her to be patient and wait for lunch and her walk. Without this, she would

4. Don’t be afraid to show love.

Dogs are the best at showing love. They jump on you when you walk through the door. They want to lick you, whether you like it or not. They want you attention and love because they love you. They are never embarrassed to show love. Maybe we shouldn’t be either.

5. Enjoy the time you have while you are where you are.

Josie knows that her walks will not last forever. I know this because she starts to pout every time we started to walk towards her apartment; however, when she is outside, she is loving every minute of it: soaking up the sun, chasing moving leaves and grabbing every stick she can find. We need to enjoy every minute we have, no matter where we are or how long we are there.

I am learning that I do not like living in Spain, but that does not give me the excuse to hate my time here. I know that this time will pass and later on, I will miss aspects of living here. It’s inevitable. So, I might as well learn from Josie and start to enjoy my surroundings, even if they are temporary.

Adventure Lesson Learned: Anything can teach you lesson. You just have to be looking for it. 

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