Today’s Adventure Is…An Embarrassing Amount of Time.

Oh, hey there. 

It’s been an embarrassing amount of time since I have written a blog post. You know it’s been too long when you start to get texts that say things like, “Ashley, are you alive?” “Did you get kidnapped in Spain?” “Ashley, do you still have internet?”

What can I say? As I write this, I have the feelings you get when you see a friend you haven’t talked to in a long time: nervous, guilty, excited.

In all seriousness, thank you for all of your concerning texts and messages; however, like any great American, I have excuses for my lack of writing (even though they truly are not fantastic excuses).

  1. My job changed a little. Most of you don’t actually know what I do for a living and that’s because it is not the most exciting job in the world. In laments terms, I work remotely for a U.S. based marketing company; however, during the past two months several employees quit the company forcing me to pick up some of the slack. While I love these types of challenges, it has required me to work a few more hours per week, which means less time for writing blog posts, but more special skills for my resume.
  1. We have had guests in Spain for the past three weeks. Yes, you read that correctly. Three weeks. We have had the pleasure of having one of our great friends, Chris, visit during the week of Fallas. Directly after his visit, Mr. C’s parents were in Valencia for a week and a half. While these weeks were wonderful and full of many adventures, there was not a whole lot of time to sit in my bedroom or cute cafes to write to you all; however, these weeks did give me PLENTY of great blog material.

FullSizeRender-1             FullSizeRender

  1. Fallas happened. For those of you that don’t know what this is, here is a very brief description. Fallas is a weeklong festival that happens here in Valencia, Spain where artists make large statues out of wood, paper and foam to ultimately be burned to the ground at the end of the week. Yeah. Really. That happened. I will be sharing much more about this in future blog posts because so much happened that week that I don’t even think I have even fully processed it all yet; however, if you want to see some crazy things, Google ‘Fallas’ and look at the pictures. It will blow your mind.

Anyway, all of that to say, Mr. C and I are well and still living in Spain. Stay tuned for more adventures. Did anything crazy happen in your worlds since I’ve last posted? Updates in the comments below please!

Adventure Lesson Learned: Life will always keep moving.

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  1. So good to hear from you! I’ve missed the updates but am glad you’ve had some visitors and more of a challenge with your work. Blessings!

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