Today’s Adventure Is…John Williams at the Hollywood Bowl.

Let the Imperial March begin.

As part of Mr. C’s Birthday present, I took him to go see the John William’s concert at the Hollywood Bowl last week.

I know. I am an amazing wife. (If you haven’t caught my sarcasm in my writing yet, you haven’t read enough. Read some other posts to understand me some more.`)

It was our first time at the Hollywood Bowl and I have to say, I was impressed. Coming from the midwest, this event space is a dream! Everything is outside all year round and it comes with so much history! I mean, this property has been called the Hollywood Bowl since about 1920 and think about how many great musicians and composers that have performed on that stage since then. Truly incredible.

Hollywood Bowl ca 1920s

Anyway, parking can be described with a few colorful words that I won’t say since it is in fact one of the worst places to park in the city of Los Angeles. We ended up parking a few blocks back and walked up (a very subtle uphill walk the entire time I might add) to the entrance where there were a few gentlemen trying to sell some tickets.

As you continue to walk up, there are little cafes and shops on both sides where people are just sitting on blankets or at tables just chilling and hanging out. I honestly was a little sad that we didn’t get there earlier because it really would have been a great place to have a picnic, play games and talk; however, we didn’t bring a blanket or anything, so we just decided to keep walking up to our seats.

Our Whole30/Cali Snacks

Once we got to our seats, we just sat for a minute and just enjoyed the view. There are mountains and hills peaking out from the other side of the stage that really gives a lovely background. The atmosphere itself was really chill. Everyone was in “dressy casual” attire that allowed for some layers as the sun went down.

The concert started with a bang! The LA Philharmonic played a medley of different movie themes to start it off, which was truly incredible. The program was filled with some awesome classics as well as some new movie music previews that ended with the piece everyone was waiting for: The Star Wars Suite. Apparently, there is a tradition at these John Williams concerts where everyone brings their toy light sabers and turn them on during the Star Wars pieces and swing them around to music. Honestly, this was the coolest addition to concert. Not only was it beautiful to look at, but it really showed me how much this community loves and supports its musicians and composers, which does not happen in all cities. I have been blessed to live in such vibrant, music loving cities that I sometimes take this aspect for granted.


All in all, it was a wonderful evening filled with John William’s humble attitude and the community’s support for the arts in LA. If ever you get the chance to go to the Hollywood Bowl, I highly suggest it.  

Adventure Lesson Learned: Watch Star Wars before attending another John William’s Concert.

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  1. How wonderful! You are a very thoughtful wife! And you were able to enjoy the birthday gift with the recipient! Have you by any chance stayed in touch with Cassie S. from high school? She and Mikey M. married in 2014 and he is also doing some neat music/audio things… send me a message on fb sometime… would love to have you 4 connect (re-connect.)
    Thank you sharing this post!

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