Today’s Adventure Is…Finding Friends in La La Land.

So, my guilty confession (like so many others) is that I binged watched a netflix original over one weekend. This might be something that is normal to a lot of you, but it certainly is not for me; however, for some reason, this show was different for me. I felt like I related to her situations when in reality I didn’t at all.

The premise of the show is that this girl is a big shot lawyer in NYC and she is living “the dream”: amazing job, amazing apartment, etc. She freaks out when she is offered a partnership at the firm and bumps into her middle school first love boyfriend on the street. When he tells her that life is so much better in West Covina, CA, she quits her job and moves there to be basically be closer to him and have a shot at dating him again.

Now, I know that none of that is really like my life. I am married and not “crazy” in that aspect; however, she sings this song a few times in the show where she is convincing herself that she has friends. I know it supposed to be silly and funny, but that is my reality sometimes.(Click here if you feel like listening to this ridiculous song.)

“I have friends. I definitely have friends. No one can say that I do not friends.”

I know deep down I actually have friends. I have so many people that love me and care about my life; however, 95% of those people live so far away (Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Michigan). If ever I want to just go have coffee with a friend or go see a movie with someone, I don’t really have many people here in California that I can do things like that with. I know that will change as I live here longer and get to know more people through work and church, but I just wish there was a faster way to grow deeper friendships quicker.

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Do any of you struggle with finding new friends later in life? It used to be so easy with school because you got to know each other every day in class; however, if you don’t find close friends at work, where do you find them if you don’t really like going to bars or clubs?

Even though I have been feeling this way about my “reality,” this blog has helped boost my confidence that I have “friends!” (Hi new followers!!!) Over the past week and a half, I have gained 104 followers! That’s amazing! I have felt so much love from your comments and personal messages. Keep ‘em coming! (If you’re new, check out my Instagram and Facebook! I would love to see you there, too!)

Adventure Lesson Learned: You are never alone. Someone will always be able to relate to whatever you are feeling, even if it is a weird feeling.

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