Today’s Adventure Is…The Queen Mary’s Chill.

Mr. C and I went to “The Queen Mary’s Chill” yesterday simply because quite a few people told me about it, it looked festive and there was a Groupon for it. (I am a sucker for a good Groupon deal.) Everyone has their own way of determining what events are worth going to. Some people have a strict criteria, where others just say, “Hey, that’s free and around the corner.” Our criteria is me asking Mr. C, “Ya wanna go?” “Sure.” And so we go.

When we arrived, we had to pay $18 for parking (OUCH), which was just a joke for how unorganized it was; however, I was just wanting to get out of the car and see all of the fun, So, we paid the fee and found a spot.

We walked into the entrance and there were greeters there to tempt us into taking a picture that would in turn cost us another $18. We turned them down and walked into the “Christmas Town Square.” The little houses they built were pretty impressive, but everything else was definitely geared towards 7 year olds and younger. They had an outdoor swing ride that was closed for most of the time we were there and a giant rocking horse. (Yes, you read that correctly.) After a few minutes of just walking around aimlessly, we saw a bunch of people walk in this dome and like a good mob member, we followed.

Inside this large dome they had a “Glacier Glide” where you could go tubing down a decent ice slide, which we embraced our 7-year-old selves and did. Naturally, my tube turned around about halfway down the slide making me go down backwards (terrifying), but fun overall.


Also inside the dome, they had a gift shop, a bar, a photobooth and their main event, “Alice and Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass.” I was so excited for this part! This is basically why I bought the Groupon. Literally everyone I talked to about this event was like, “Dress warm because there are ice sculptures as the main event. They pick a theme and design a bunch of sculptures around it. It’s so cool, but really cold!” So you can imagine my disappointment when I found out that there were NO ICE SCULPTURES. What the what?! How are you going to call an event “Chill” and not have any ice?! Apparently, this is one of the first years that they decided to cut the ice sculptures and just do a light exhibit.


Despite the ice sculpture disappointments, I really liked the light exhibit.The creator’s did a decent job of incorporating all of the elements of Wonderland from falling down the rabbit hole to tea time to meeting both the Red Queen and the White Queen. I found it hysterical that the woman playing the Red Queen would just boss everyone around and not smile in any pictures she was in.

IMG_5680  IMG_5676

To be honest, this whole trip would not have been worth it if we were not able to roam the Queen Mary. As part of our ticket to Chill, you had free admission to the Queen Mary, which was awesome. It was so cool to walk around all of the exhibits they had on the boat. For those of you that don’t know, the Queen Mary is a retired ocean liner that primarily sailed on the North Atlantic Ocean from 1937 to 1967. Now, it serves as a hotel and tourist spot to walk through. My favorite part was walking through a ‘model ship room’ that had exact replicas of all of the famous ships from that line. There was even a lego version of the Queen Mary, which was 25′ 11” long and weighed 604 pounds. (Naturally, that’s the only one I took a picture of.)


After exploring the Queen Mary a bit more, we got hungry and didn’t feel like paying $8 for a hotdog. So, we left and got In-N-Out on the way home. Overall, a great festive winter day.

I am always taking suggestions of things I should do or try! Comment or message me if you have any ideas of events or places you would like to see!

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