Today’s Adventure Is…La Pequeña Pastelria de Mamá.

As you know, Mr. C and I like to celebrate as many small holidays as we can. So, we decided to celebrate our two-month wedding anniversary by checking out a new bakery. (Also, I just really wanted some cake…)

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La Pequeña Pastelria de Mamá is a precious little bakery a few blocks away from our apartment. Honestly, it surprised me how much we enjoyed this little spot. There is plenty of room for sitting, whether you would like to be inside or outside. They also have a great selection of bakery items! So far, most of the bakeries I have seen have had a limited selection of sweets. This place had the perfect amount. If you are looking for a quaint, comfortable, quiet place to sit and hang out for a while, this is your place! I definitely see myself coming back to read or write, especially with the fact that it has free wifi.


Naturally, I had red velvet with a café con leche and he had carrot cake with a café solo. We couldn’t be more opposite in our choices, but at least we both love cake and each other.

Adventure Lesson Learned: Cake always helps make days feel more special.

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