Today’s Adventure Is…Black Chili.

“…I want Mexican.” Those were the words that left Mr. C’s mouth after we got out of church. So, naturally, we decided to check out a Mexican place that had just opened up a few blocks away from us called Black Chili.


Black Chili is a really cool restaurant close to Ruzafa. The cashier told us that they just opened up a few months ago after renovating most of the building. Black Chili has a really cool vibe with wood tables, exposed brick and antique tile floor.


Besides the cool atmosphere, they serve some awesome food! I ordered a chimichanga and Mr. C got a burrito. (Once again, similar food, but completely different tastes.) Our order was made fairly quickly and we were in and out of there in no time. It was almost like a fast food restaurant with better food, which I am completely fine with. In fact, I am pretty sure most of my favorite restaurants have that quality about them.


If anything, it at least satisfied our hunger for Mexican food while giving us a little exercise by walking there.

Adventure Lesson Learned: When your stomach brings a thought to your mind, listen to it. There’s an 80% chance that it is on to something good.

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