Today’s Adventure Is…El Rastro.

On Sunday, I checked out another street market across town by myself. Mr. C didn’t go with me because he is not exactly a morning person. So, he just wanted to sleep in and meet me at church later that day, which was fine by me. I like adventuring by myself sometimes!


El Rastro is a street market near the Mestalla Stadium that is only open on Sundays. This was by far the coolest market I have been to so far in Valencia! It was basically a giant garage sale in a parking lot. A temporary fence sections off the lot and there are police at the entrance to patrol the customers coming in and out, which was kind of intimidating; however, once you are in the market, it is set up like any of the other street markets except there are more antiques and vintage items being sold. It was so fun to just walk around and see what each vendor was selling because you never know what you will see on the next table.

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You have probably noticed that I post a lot about markets around Valencia. That is because, well, there are a lot of markets! However, it is also because I love flea markets and second hand stores more than I like going to the mall. I blame my mom and my grandpa for this. They are the type of people that whip the car around if they see a garage sale sign. However, I cannot complain too much because now I am that person, too. I love hunting for deals and one of a kind items.

Top Three Reasons Why I Love Thrifting:

  1. Originality.

Growing up, I was never really into labels because most of the “cool clothes” I saw were ugly looking to me. I just wanted originality and something that I actually wanted to wear. I always heard that our fashion style is supposed to show our personality. If your clothes look like everyone else’s, do you actually have your own personality? That’s why I love second hand stores. When you buy something at thrift store, you are buying a one of a kind item. You are buying something that has a story behind it.

  1. Less Awkward Twin Moments.

Just by reading this title point, you knew exactly what I was talking about. I hate awkward twin moments with friends or strangers. This was especially a big deal in grade school. If you showed up to class with the same * cough ugly cough * Aeropostale polo shirt on as another girl in class that was almost social suicide. School dances were even worse. If you had the same dress on as another student, you would have to dance on the other side of the cafeteria (yes, you read that correctly) to not be seen with her. I would always buy my dresses from some second hand store because I could almost guarantee that no one would have the same dress on. Plus, I usually liked them better than the ones I saw in stores anyway.

  1. Saves Some Pennies.

Every penny counts. If I can find a nice blouse at a thrift store for $3 versus buying it new at the store for $30, I don’t understand why more people shop the way I do! Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not one of those freaks that purchases EVERYTHING used. Some things you just need to buy new. However, there is something about a great vintage find that excites me.

If you are in the Valencia area and know of some great thrift stores or second hand stores, comment or message me about them! I am always looking for more places to check out.

Adventure Lesson Learned: If you are going to a street market, give yourself a lot of time. You will miss so much if you are rushing.

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3 thoughts on “Today’s Adventure Is…El Rastro.

  1. one minute walking from “Mercado de Ruzafa” you cand find a second hand store (Francisco Sempere street), and if you visit “Barrio del Carmen” there is a lot.

  2. You should get along very well with your mother-in-law and Mr. C’s grandma C in thrift “storing”. Grandma C doesn’t get much time for that in the summer. The summer is a busy time for us with a garden and fruit trees. Fall is in the air. The last two mornings we had temperatures around 40.
    Hope you are both adjusting to what you need to do. How is the Spanish language coming?
    We pray for you two!.

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