Today’s Adventure Is…Flamingo or Flamenco?

I never understood why it was called Flamenco dancing. It just seems like such an odd word. Flamingo is just as odd, but at least the word represents the odd looking bird.

Nevertheless, Mr. C and I went to see a flamenco concert at the end of his orientation week. This concert was supposed to be outside; however, it was moved inside due to some rain. It amazes me how different cultures have different opinions about severity of certain weather circumstances. In Chicago, if it was drizzling, all outside activities would go on as planned because Chicago has rain all the time. In Spain, if there is a chance of rain, most events that were supposed to be held outside are cancelled. Now, maybe this does not happen all the time, but it sure has happened a lot in the past two weeks.

Anyway, flamenco bands can vary simply based on availability of performers and how much the pay for the gig is. This particular flamenco group had a drummer, guitarist, female vocalist and male dancer. Now, if I am honest, I was not expecting the solo dancer to be male. Whenever I watched videos of flamenco dancers, they were either females with flowy red dresses or couples dancing together; however, watching this dancer was mesmerizing. I took a few videos for some readers back home who have never seen flamenco dancing before except you can’t add videos to WordPress unless you have a premium plan. (Sorry folks. I don’t have an extra $80 laying around.) So, you will just have to deal with these pictures I took instead.

IMG_1915 FullSizeRender-1

Adventure Lesson Learned: Men can dance, too.

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