Today’s Adventure Is…Extreme Second Hand Shopping.

I have been trying to say yes to more adventures. I mean, that is how I got to Spain. (Read more here) To most of you, saying yes would mean actual nature adventures like hiking or biking or something. Not to me. First off, I kind of hate nature. #sorrynotsorry I am a true city girl. Secondly, when I say adventure, I simply mean, I want to say yes to new things even though they might be scary or difficult or out of comfort zone. I need (want) to have less fear and more adventure.

A while ago, a lady from church asked me if I wanted to grab a cup of coffee together, so I said yes because that is what I do now or at least what I am trying to do. She is now one of my favorite people to hang out with here in Valencia. We get breakfast about twice a week (aka a coffee and croissant) and just talk about everything.

However, our friendship was brought to a new level today. We were having coffee, talking about random things, when I asked her if she knew of any thrift stores around the area. She immediately freaked out and starting listing off all the places she could show me that sold secondhand clothes. I was pretty proud of myself that I had heard of most of the places she had listed off. She asked more specifics of what items I was looking for so she could keep an eye out for me, but that conversation quickly turned into her telling me that all the items I was wanting were in her closet.

About five minutes after discussing all of the fantastic fashion possibilities that she had for me, we were on our way to her apartment to look at some of her clothes she wanted to get rid of. It turned into a funny girly afternoon of lifestyle tips and fashion advice. She would try on a shirt and ask for advice of if it was the right color or fit. If it wasn’t, then she would say, “ok, you’re turn.” I ended up walking out with 3 pairs of pants, a black dress, a gray flowy cardigan, a pair of sweatpants, a sweater and a pair of boots. What?! Also, she felt bad that Mr. C wasn’t getting anything out the deal. I tried to explain to her that it really was alright and that she had already given me so much, when she realized she wanted to get rid of one of her griddle pans in the kitchen. She said, “Mr. C does all the cooking right?! I’m sure he needs this.” Truth be told, he did.

The whole afternoon was so refreshing for me. Since being in Spain, I have only hung out with guys. I didn’t realize how much I had missed hanging out with girlfriends. There are certain things that only girls will understand. Plus, I got almost all of the pieces I wanted to buy for free and I got to help a friend clear out some old stuff from her closet. I am positive I will repay the favor in a few months.

Adventure Lesson Learned: It’s always nice having friends that are the same size as you.

Let me know if you have ever done this with your friends!

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