Today’s Adventure is…Horchata and Fartóns.

If you know anything about me, you know I love breads and cheese. Therefore, I am fitting in perfectly when it comes to these European cafés! You walk down any street in Valencia and you are guaranteed to find a café, bakery and a fruit and veggie cart. I have been trying to be semi-adventurous with what I purchase because when in Spain, eat like the Spaniards.

There are a few items that you will find at almost every café in Valencia because they originated here. One of those being horchata served with fartóns. Horchata, a drink made from tigernuts, water or milk and sugar, is Valencia’s summer drink for a natural cool refreshment. It is usually served with fartóns to dip into your horchata. Fartóns are fluffy, light pieces of bread that have a glaze or sugar drizzled on top. They are usually pretty cheap because they have to make them fresh every day. Most breads go stale fairly quickly.


Mr. C pointed something interesting out while we were eating. Every culture has a taste palate and each one is different. Most of those palates contain most of the same ingredients; however, what makes the palates different is how the ingredients are put together. It still amazes me sometimes how he looks at certain aspects of the world. I will never stop learning from him.

Adventure Lesson Learned: You will never fully understand the real culture until you start to taste it. 

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