Today’s Adventure Is…Macadorá.

Valencia celebrated a few holidays this weekend and as a new Valencian chica, I joined right in with the fun! (If you did not see the last post, click here to read about how I started my weekend Thursday night.)

Last Friday was Macadorá or the Valencian version of Valentine’s Day. Personally, I think this day is better than Valentine’s Day, but I’ll explain that in a minute. Macadorá is celebrated every year on October 9th and is only enjoyed in Valencia and some surrounding cities.

Now, get ready to ‘awww’ because this is the cutest tradition. The tradition is that men give women marzipan sweets wrapped in a hankerchief or scarf. The candy is made of marzipan and is typically formed in the shapes of different fruits or vegetables. When the tradition first began, the hankerchief was just used to hold the candies; however, as time went by, the holiday started to be known and named by the handkerchief. It is said that the woman is to keep each scarf as a memory of that year with her love. (Now, you can ‘awww.’) Because of this tradition, Valencians now refer to October 9th as the day of lovers.

With a precious tradition like that, how can you not join in?! These were my little treats from “my love.” Now whenever I wear this scarf, I will think of our first year of marriage together in Valencia.

Mr. C bought these from La Pequeña Pasterlería de Mama. Click here if you want to read my review of them. 

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Even though this tradition is usually only celebrated in Valencia, I hope we keep this holiday as a household tradition.

Adventure Lesson Learned: You can always find an excuse to show extra love to the people you care about. 

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