Today’s Adventure Is…Los Artesanos 1902.

Something on our adventure bucket list was to try churros con chocolate and after being in Madrid, we can cross that off of our list.

When you try something new, you want them to be a good representation of what you are trying. It is the same as trying shrimp or sushi. If someone says, “oh, I didn’t really like it,” the usual response is, “well, you just didn’t have the right kind!” We didn’t want this to happen to us with our first churros experience.

After much debate, Mr. C made a good call of where we should try our first churros. The place he chose has been serving churros since 1902 in Madrid. Los Artesanos is run by Don Gabi, making him a fifth generation continuing the family tradition.

We arrived at Los Artesanos in between main meal times to try to avoid a huge crowd; however, there was no avoiding that. Little did we know, this place is never not crowded.


Now, I am going to make people a little upset. I didn’t really like churros con chocolat. *GASP! I know! I am sorry. I was as surprised as you are. I mean, what is there not to like? It is basically a donut that you dip into a warm chocolate sauce? However, to me, it tasted like they were supposed to be other things. For example, the churro just tasted like funnel cake without the powdered sugar. (So, naturally, all I wanted to do was put powered sugar on it so I would love it because I love funnel cakes with a good portion of my heart.) The chocolate just tasted like a hot, think version of how a bowl of cocoa puffs tastes. I wanted the chocolate to either be darker or lighter.

Although, I had to hand it to them. They are making churros correctly. I mean they are busy open to close; however, I was a little sad to discover that I am not a churros con chocolate kind of girl. Maybe that’s a good thing. One less pastry to love.


Calle de San Martin, 2, Madrid, 28013

Adventure Lesson Learned: Just because it sounds like you will love it, does not always mean you will, but you should try it anyway.

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