Today’s Adventure Is…The Benimaclet Street Market.

Whenever the season changes, I find a new fashion trend that I have to be a part of. I will see a specific item that will seem to pop up in every Instagram account I follow and think that all of my outfits are horrible until I have the item. After spotting the fashion item, I then already start to justify buying it in my head. I start to think that I could mix and match it with all of the pieces I already have in wardrobe to make wonderful AMAZING outfits. When in reality, I know deep down, I don’t even remotely need the item. However, this is where my love for thrifting comes in.

As most of you know I am in love with shopping at thrift stores. They turn into an adventure for me every time because you never know what you will find! Usually when I go thrifting I am looking for something specific. This automatically turns my shopping into a mission that I need to accomplish by spending the least amount of money possible. This way, I can buy that really cool seasonal fashion item and not look in my bank account and wonder who stole all of my money.

In Valencia, there are really only street markets to this kind of shopping. I have visited some second hand shops in the past few months, but they are more vintage stores that contain 80’s grunge and rock fashion instead of second gems. Anyway, last week I was able to check out a new street market to get my thrifting fix for the month. (I was actually there on a mission to find my Halloween costume on October 30th…read that adventure here.)


The Benimaclet market is only open on Fridays, but it is definitely worth walking through if you are in the area. Most of the market is located on two streets: Calle Rafael Tramoyeres and Calle Juan Giner. (Check it out on here on HeyLets!) This was a pretty large market for how little it was advertised online. The cool thing about this particular street market is that it is literally on two streets. So, you can start anywhere on the street and just keep walking. There are stalls and tables on either side as you walk, which gives plenty of fun items to explore! I also seem to b-line towards any 2 for 1 clothing table. At this market, I found a basket with some great scarves that 4 for 1 euro! So, I splurged and got a few.

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender-6

If you are in the area and have some free time tomorrow, go check out this market! It will be worth your time!

P.S. By the way, the seasonal item I am obsessing over is the oversized plaid blanket scarves. I want one so bad! That is on my hunting list for my next thrifting adventure. What’s on your list? Any fun places you go to for thrifting adventures?

Adventure Lesson Learned: It’s fine to be a little fashion crazy, if you don’t lose all your money doing so.

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