Today’s Adventure Is…Thanksgiving!

There are very few holidays that I think of American. Honestly, before this year, I never even differentiated holidays based on cultures. However, as I sit here in Starbucks on Thanksgiving, I now realize some holidays are only important if you make them important.

I am used to waking up on Thanksgiving to the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade being blasted on the television. I am used to eating an entire jar of black olives myself on one day. I am used to gathering around a table covered with way too much food for the amount of people that are actually present. I am used to an obnoxious amount of people that would not usually contact me, text me “Happy Thanksgiving” with a turkey emoji. I am used to dedicating a time during the day to reflect on what I am thankful for.

Today I was not able to do all of my “usual’s.” I tried to live stream the parade on my computer, but it was not compatible with my internet. I couldn’t find a jar of black olives. I didn’t eat an enormous amount of food for dinner. I only had two people text me “Happy Thanksgiving” and only one of them had a turkey emoji.

However, I can reflect on what I am thankful for and most of them happened today.

I woke up to my husband getting ready to leave for his morning class. I am thankful that I have a husband that loves me and wants to share adventures with me. I spent my afternoon with my “Spanish” best friend (she’s from the UK) finding great bargains and treasures we couldn’t live without from the market. I am thankful that I have a great friend here in Spain that I love spending time with. In the evening, I recorded some vocal tracks for a Christmas medley that Mr. C is working on. Even though it was on Thanksgiving, it still made me thankful for the opportunity to sing and make music with him.

I guess I said all of that to say, traditions are wonderful, but don’t hang on to them as the only way to celebrate the holiday. I did not eat turkey today with my family. To a regular Spanish citizen, it was a normal November Thursday and yet it was still Thanksgiving to me. I was still able to take time to remember to be thankful.

Adventure Lesson Learned: Your location doesn’t have to determine your holidays. If the holiday is important to you, celebrate it!

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