Today’s Adventure Is…Macbeth with Placido Domingo.

The Opera: the place that music nerds go to hear well written music that has stood the test of time. 

There are perks to Mr. C studying at a music school. He is almost always being offered free tickets to some concert or show in Valencia and usually he has to say no because he doesn’t have time to go due to his homework load. However, this time it was different. Mr. C and I were able to go see Placido Domingo perform in Macbeth…for free! What up?! Tuition is finally paying off. Now, it was just a dress rehearsal, but you can’t really complain too much when you didn’t pay for it.



For those of you that are not complete music nerds and do not know who Placido is, let me give you a brief biography of this pretty cool guy. Placido Domingo was born in Madrid and is 74 years young due to his life motto, “If I rest, I rust.” Even at this age, he is still conducting, singing and acting major roles just as if he were a young adult. As of the end of 2013, he had sung 3,687 performances of 144 roles. Truly incredible.


If I am honest, Macbeth is not my favorite opera to see. It just feels like a never-ending performance of you waiting for everyone dying; however, I enjoyed parts of it due to Placido. When he took his bow at curtain call, you can tell that he is truly just a kind man wanting to live his life to the fullest and I think we can all learn from that.

So many times I forget that I have so much life to still live. Yes, it is uncertain how much time, but I can at least hope and dream of how to continue living to the fullest because as Placido Domingo would say, “If I rest, I rust.”

Adventure Lesson Learned: It’s okay to show that you are a music nerd, as long as you are among like minded friends. 

You have to use your attractive faces at the Opera.

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