Today’s Adventure Is…Puente de las Flores.

Today’s adventure is small, but I wanted to share it. Mr. C and I do not have a vehicle in Spain. Therefore, we do a lot of walking. Normally, my lazy, American self would cringe at the idea of walking anywhere long distance; however, this minor hiccup has allowed me to see some true Spanish beauty. It forces me to take in my surrounding and actually look at what is around me.

Every day that I walk to work, I get to use this beautiful bridge. I am not usually a sucker for trees and plants, but I am for flowers, especially brightly colored ones.

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El Puente de las Flores is a bridge through the Turia Garden that is decorated with 27,000 flowers that vary throughout the seasons. This is a beautiful attraction; however, the bridge is difficult to maintain. I mean, we are talking about delicate flowers. About 3 to 4 times a year, the flowers get changed out simply to keep them fresh and lively. Can you imagine buying 27,000 flowers for a bridge at least 3 times a year?! I can’t.

But I can enjoy the beauty of someone else’s diligence.

Adventure Lesson Learned: Take in the beauty around you; you never know when it will be taken away. 

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