Today’s Adventure Is…El Mercado de Colón.

On our way to El Mercado Central, Mr. C and I spotted this beautiful building on the bus ride and it immediately went on our list of places we wanted to explore.

El Mercado de Colón is the main market of Colón. The building was built around 1914, but completely restored with new windows, floors and shops in 2003. The main reason I wanted to visit this market was to compare it to El Mercado Central.


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There is no comparison really. El Mercado Central is almost a flea market style that sells fresh fruits, vegetables and meats; El Mercado de Colón is more of a gourmet market. They have cafés and restaurants on either side of the center where you could stop to grab some Horchata or a Café. In the center of the building, there are escalators that will take you downstairs to a gourmet food market and some fancier restaurants. Now when I say gourmet, I actually mean, expensive. This is where you would find your really expensive cheeses (YES) and meats that you might like to purchase for a fancy meal.


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Currently with Mr. C and I’s budget, we could not buy anything; however, it was beautiful to look at! On the plus side, they did have a nice little spot where we could sit and grab a café with some wifi for a while.

Adventure Lesson Learned: Like good books, never judge a market by the building it is housed in. 

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