Today’s Adventure Is…Christmas Comes to Town.

Christmas trees, cookies, cards and Rudolph. What more could you ask for?

As you know, the struggle is real when it comes to receiving mail and packages in Spain. I feel like I have to give so much information to receive a package: your N.I.E., passport number, residency card, birth certificate, blood test, urine sample. Ok, maybe I am over exaggerating a bit, but this hurdle has made me appreciate receiving packages even more than I already did.

Anyway, the other day a package came both to our door and in our mailbox! Two in one day! A package came from my parents containing only trinkets my mother could put together: two stuffed hedgehogs, a mini Christmas tree, two strands of colored Christmas lights, two packages of Winter Oreos and some Christmas dvd’s. When I say dvd’s, I mean all of these old school classics that are normal on VHS’s, but some guy was like ‘we need to save these precious memories!’ I’m thankful for him. Now I can watch classic cartoon Rudolph, Frosty and Santa for the rest of my life until they no longer make dvd players. What more can a child trapped in an adults body want?

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Naturally, the packages of Oreos were labeled because my mother knows how terrible I am at sharing Oreos, especially Winter ones. I don’t know what it is about Winter Oreos, but I promise they taste better than regular ones. Okay, maybe they taste the same, but they taste better to me!


Anyway, due to this lovely Christmas package from our other home, our new home is looking much more festive with our second baby Christmas tree and lights hanging around our entertainment center.


In addition to this package, we got another Christmas surprise in our mailbox! Mr. C and I were coming home and spotted a little envelope that was tucked in our slot with our names on the front. After opening it up, we discovered some adorable little Christmas cookies and a card from our landlord! Knowing her, she made them from scratch. She is always showing me pictures of delicious treats or dishes she has made. I mean, I would be showing off my pictures too if I could bake like that! (That’s why I leave all the cooking to Mr. C. Yes, for those of you that don’t know us well, the man does all the cooking in this relationship. It’s a great deal I got going here.)


Anyway, as you know, it has not felt too much like Christmas here for us, but today it did, even if it was a little later than we wanted it. I am just glad Christmas finally decided to show up to town.

Adventure Lesson Learned: Nothing tastes better than Christmas cookies in December.

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