Today’s Adventure Is…A New Project for a New Year.

Everyone needs a break. Everyone needs a time to rest and recover from all of the fun and stress that comes along with life. However, there is a time to come back to real life. Unfortunately, that time is now.

It’s that time again, where everyone needs to go back to work, find motivation to put pants on in the mornings and simply be productive. I know this because of my beloved Facebook wall. All my teacher friends are re-posting memes and blog posts about the stresses of going back to their classrooms of demon possessed students. All of my friends with 9 to 5 jobs are re-posting memes of how they have been at work through the holidays. All of my friends still in college are re-posting memes and blog posts about the new Star Wars movie, which for the record, I have not seen and do not plan to. (Anyone else like me out there? No? Thought so…)

Anyway, no matter what your mundane schedule may look like, everyone needs a boost. Everyone needs a bit of positivity or encouragement in their lives, otherwise, they will simply have a terrible life all because they have a negative attitude.

Sorry, I took this long to get to the point, but here it is. I have decided to start series called “Positive Posts.” I have been able to become a part of this wonderful blogging community and I want more people to experience it, too! So many of these amazing writers have great stories to tell, even with their “mundane” schedules, they seem to find joy and positivity during it.

Basically, here’s the gist. All of the posts will be written by guest bloggers. This is the prompt they were given: Positivity, Happiness & Joy. That’s it. I am planning on posting these on Monday’s and I am already blown away with some of these stories that have been submitted and CAN’T WAIT to share them with you! (If you want to join in on the blogging fun, send me a message and I can add you to the list!)

Look forward to this great project starting Monday!

Adventure Lesson Learned: Positivity is powerful.

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