Meet Mr. & Mrs. C

We are the C’s. It’s nice to meet you!

Most of you are probably wondering why this blog is called Adventures with Mr. C. Meanwhile, the other 30% of you just clicked on this tab because you are just bored and happened to find another page to read during your boring work lunches. (No judgment! I’ve been there, too!) For those of you that actually care, here is the story.

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Adventures with Mr. C began when my husband decided to pursue a Master’s Degree. Now for a normal couple, there is very little adventure in that statement; however, for us that meant moving to another country: Spain. I was (and still am) scared, anxious, excited, sad and worried about the transition. We would be 4,369 miles away from our friends, family and anything that we usually called home.

However, this was a chance at adventure: something that I crave, but am too much of a scaredy-cat to pursue myself. All of these adventures I write about in this blog would not have happened if Mr. C were not in the picture. So this year, I decided to say yes. I said ‘yes’ to my husband at the altar, which was also me saying yes to adventure. So sit back (wherever in the world you may be), grab a cup of coffee and enjoy learning about the adventures of Mr. & Mrs. C.

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13 thoughts on “Meet Mr. & Mrs. C

  1. What a lovely story, wishing you all the very best on your adventure through life together and your time in Spain. We moved to Spain from Ireland to get work and stayed for almost eight years. It was certainly an adventure for us, but I am glad to be home again. Enjoy your time there.

  2. What an amazing adventure!! I don’t know you guys but your love for each other and thirst for adventure just leaps off my screen. Living in a different country is such an amazing, character building thing for young adults like you to do. There will be times when you loathe it – it being little things like not having your favourite food brands; lack of family support network etc.. But believe me, for the rest of your life you will have a v strong bond with that country.

    I think it is amazing. And I look forward to reading more posts. And continue to enjoy married life – it really is the best ?

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