Today’s Adventure Is…Fallas! (Part 2)

Did you miss me? I thought so. Anyway, I would like to continue writing about my Fallas experience and focus more on the events that happen during the week. (For those of you that don’t care, sorry. Too many people have messaged me asking me to write this; therefore, I must.)

Today’s Adventure Is…Fallas! (Part 1)

A couple weeks ago, an incredible event happened in Valencia, Spain called Fallas. Honestly, I could write an entire book about this event, but nothing I could say could measure up to what it would be like if you were actually here experiencing it for yourself. Nevertheless, I will attempt to explain to you the […]

Today’s Adventure Is…Jardin Urbano.

I have a problem and Spain is not helping. I am obsessed with coffee and trying out new cafés. Since most of my job is online now, I like to find new environments to do my work to keep things interesting. Therefore, it is no surprise that I found another café that I love and […]

Today’s Adventure Is: Adult Coloring Book.

Who is actually good at “adulting?” Yes, I did just use the word adulting. I mean, last year was the first time that I had to pay rent, utilities, car payments, school loans and still manage to have enough money to, oh, you know, eat.

Today’s Adventure Is…Paella. 

Mr. C and I were invited to spend lunch with a couple of people from the church we are attending. More importantly, paella was being served. We have wanted to try real paella since we have arrived in Spain; however, we hadn’t ordered it because we were told so many cautionary tales about sketchy paella […]