Today’s Adventure Is…Heinz Macaroni and Cheese (In a Can??).

Whenever anyone asks me what I miss about America, I usually say good old-fashioned mac and cheese. Obviously, there are so many other aspects that I miss, but that is an item that I thought would be tangible here and it was a weekly comfort food to me in the States. Plus, I always get […]

Today’s Adventure Is…Wednesday Woes.

Sometimes Wednesday’s are the worst days. So, I’ve decided to deal with my Wednesday Woes with motivation from one of my favorite television shows, New Girl. Here are 6 of my favorite, practically inspirtational, conversations from New Girl.

Today’s Adventure Is…Macadorá.

Valencia celebrated a few holidays this weekend and as a new Valencian chica, I joined right in with the fun! (If you did not see the last post, click here to read about how I started my weekend Thursday night.)

Today’s Adventure Is…Tapas, Fireworks and Holidays.

Valencia has way too many holidays to keep track of all of them. It feels like you could celebrate something everyday if you wanted to. Despite the chaos of holidays, this weekend is a pretty large Valencian holiday. So, we started this holiday weekend off correctly with tapas, fireworks and friends.

Today’s Adventure Is…Extreme Second Hand Shopping.

I have been trying to say yes to more adventures. I mean, that is how I got to Spain. (Read more here) To most of you, saying yes would mean actual nature adventures like hiking or biking or something. Not to me. First off, I kind of hate nature.