Today’s Adventure Is…4 Steps For Positivity!

I am not sure why, but I was feeling a little down yesterday. Since being here in Spain, I feel like I have been going through an “identity crisis.” With a new country, culture, language, job and church, I feel like I am trying to figure out who I am and how I fit.

Today’s Adventure Is…Conversation Exchange.

When you don’t think about it, language seems like such a small thing. I mean, we don’t even realize it is difficult until we try to communicate with someone in another language. This very small aspect of our lives can be a huge separation.

Today’s Adventure Is…Jardin Urbano.

I have a problem and Spain is not helping. I am obsessed with coffee and trying out new cafés. Since most of my job is online now, I like to find new environments to do my work to keep things interesting. Therefore, it is no surprise that I found another café that I love and […]

Today’s Adventure Is…Extreme Second Hand Shopping.

I have been trying to say yes to more adventures. I mean, that is how I got to Spain. (Read more here) To most of you, saying yes would mean actual nature adventures like hiking or biking or something. Not to me. First off, I kind of hate nature.

Today’s Adventure Is…National Coffee Day.

I believe that coffee is a love language. It brings people together. I mean, think of how many afternoons have been saved from tragedy by a simple cup of coffee? A mid-day latté brings me so much comfort. It is like a warm hug from a long distance friend. (Too far?)