Today’s Adventure Is…New Themes, New Followers, New Seasons.

Hello, friends! Welcome back! I feel like my blog keeps expanding without me trying! (I understand that some bloggers are probably reading this like a skinny person saying ‘I can eat whatever I want and I never gain weight,’ but it’s true and I am so thankful.)

Positive Posts: Miza Magalhaes.

“Positive Posts” are guest posts on Adventures with Mr. C: other writers sharing their stories about positivity, happiness and joy to help and encourage others. 

Today’s Adventure Is…Netflix.

I was always told the first step is admitting you have a problem. So, I have a problem and the problem has grown since being in Spain. Are you ready for my confession?

Today’s Adventure Is…Our First Package!

It was eight o’clock in the evening when our doorbell buzzer went off. Neither of us were expecting anyone, which made us a little confused as to who would even want to come over at that time of day. After calling down to the street, we found out that we were about to receive our […]

Today’s Adventure Is…Tapas, Fireworks and Holidays.

Valencia has way too many holidays to keep track of all of them. It feels like you could celebrate something everyday if you wanted to. Despite the chaos of holidays, this weekend is a pretty large Valencian holiday. So, we started this holiday weekend off correctly with tapas, fireworks and friends.

Q&A: Conversation Exchange?

This is not a normal blog post, but I thought I would throw it out there and see what response I get. I have quite a few followers now that are students studying abroad somewhere that uses a different language. Has anyone heard of conversation exchange? Has anyone done it? I am looking at possibly […]